Networking at a Verona Business Conference

A business conference is a place for new updates and ideas regarding your industry. More than the exchange of information and learning that takes place, an venue for networking is created.

This provides are a more old-school way of interaction as it is face to face which is far more fulfilling than today’s online connections.  You cannot avoid networking as it is a necessary tool if you are interested in the growth of your business.

Today l come bearing gifts to help you navigate through the sea of people at the event without breaking a sweat. Here’s how to do it:

Reach out to anyone you want to meet

Take the time to find out who the speakers for the event are, as well as the attendees. Secondly, figure out who you want to meet then reach out to them via email or social media. Introduce yourself and let them know you look forward to personal meeting with them at the conference.  Here is how to introduce yourself.

Make a schedule

Identify conference events or panels you would like to attend and create a plan so you don’t miss any important sessions. Use the schedule to plan meetings during breaks over coffee or lunch.

Additionally, plan to attend cocktail parties as they are a great time to unwind as they offer an opportunity for conversations outside of work.

Dress appropriately

Find out what type of clothes you can bring along depending on the activities planned, as well as how to dress for the overall event so you match up with others.

Make sure you dress to impress to avoid being a turn off before you utter a word.

Pay attention to formations made when people are standing

People will behave differently towards one another depending on how they relate. Two or three people having a deep conversation might be an unlikely place to get accepted. Therefore find open settings where it is much easier to go in and start a conversation.

Take out your business cards

Be intentional about the cards you give or take. Only take cards from people you wish to develop a relationship with.

Be open to casual conversations and do not be quick to try and make a sales pitch for your product or service. This creates room to grow a friendship first before a business partnership.

Make follow ups after

Wait until the conference is over and send an email. Take some time and get to know your new connections over lunch or a cup of coffee and work to build a steady relationship.

How you handle your new network could be what opens the way for possible business partners.

Remember to bring all the materials you will need for the entire period of the conference and ease up. After all, it is a deserved break from the confinements of the office walls all day.

Finally, remember to bring mints to keep your breath fresh as you interact all day. You certainly wouldn’t like to be remembered as the attendee with an unpleasant breath.

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